District One Mansions

Mansions - District One (D1) by Meydan Sobha

  At MBR City, Dubai

AED 45 Million

District One Mansions Property Type


7 & 8 Bedroom Mansions Unit Type

7 & 8 Bedroom

Mansions Size Size

18,000 to 38,000 sq.ft.

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18,000 to 38,000 sq.ft

7 & 8



Q4 2020

District One (D1) Mansions is an exceptionally designed residential project by Meydan Sobha Group and features 7 & 8 bedroom mansions at MBR City, Dubai. The mansions, in particular, are elegant and lined with sophisticated amenities.

Located few distances away from the awe-inspiring Crystal Lagoons, each of the 18 distinct styled residences is configured to make way for tranquil living in fantastic surroundings.

In a bid to offer residents with smart choices, the mansions are being made available in three distinct styles- Modern Arabic, Mediterranean and Contemporary.

As for the Modern, Arabic Mansions are concerned the design element and the architecture are somewhat rooted in tradition. These homes are meant to provide a high degree of functionality and represent cultural aesthetics, thus making way for a new concept of lifestyle.

When it comes to the Mediterranean style mansions, the style and theme reflect classic European inspired architecture. Moreover, the class and comfort included can be termed as some of the finest.

While the contemporary mansions, the stylish and chic interiors do exhibit certain charm. Constructed using avant- grade technology, the spacious homes are a good place to relax and take a break.

Considering the nature of the project, the mansions are surely crafted to present residents with affluent homes in the midst of luxurious surroundings.

Project Highlights

  • A residential project featuring 7 & 8 bedroom mansions
  • 3 distinct styles of mansions - Modern Arabic, Mediterranean & Contemporary
  • Prime location in the heart of Dubai
  • Near to 7 km long crystal lagoon
  • Modern architecture with minimalist design
  • Mansions are laced with futuristic elements
European Accents

Mediterranean Mansions

The Mediterranean and North European inspired architecture with spectacular interiors provide the mansions with a distinct identity, further enhancing its exclusivity. The residences are in fact geared to cover each and every aspect that you look for.

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Arabian Heritage

Modern Arabic Mansions

Inspired by the Arabian culture, the grand mansions are a delightful blend of practicality laced with a modern design. The layout is so designed to meet all your specific requirements.

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Reflecting simple design and well-appointed layout, these mansions are crafted to present a sense of grandeur and sophistication. Besides, the lavish interiors and modern d├ęcor is something that will impress everyone.

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